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The solutions to the problem can only come with collaborative works between relevant Cambodian Ministries, TVET-partners and BUCSC. We focus on three main objectives:

  1. Train the trainers of our NGO-TVET partners to make great social & academic impact on technical knowledge transfer. Creating employment opportunities by bridging new graduates with the construction industry.
  2. Provide decent basic homes to the unfortunate ones who are evicted from their homes or from shanty towns, who have a piece of land but can’t afford to build a decent home for their families
  3. Create employment and help to grow local economy in rural areas and provinces

Our social initiative model to tackle this problem
and to make a lasting difference

BUILDING CAMBODIA Social Initiative mission is to ensure that core programs focus on education, economic, social enterprise and employment activities. All of which enable people to lift themselves out of poverty and strengthen their communities. Instead of giving hand-outs, BUILDING CAMBODIA Social Initiative works on providing construction skills, knowledge and resources required for disadvantaged people to break out of poverty and build-up a better future for themselves, their families and communities.

To ensure that our social model will be sustainable, our organization is set-up to rely more on the effort of our work, especially financially, than on the donations we could receive from our generous supporters. That is why our model brings together a Non-Profit model and a Social Business to deliver affordable housing, technical & vocational training, employment opportunities. Our social & economic model incorporates BUCSC + CAH, which will have a life-changing impact on families’ lives and on the greater community future.

Our mission is threefold

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BUCSC training programs focus on “Teach the Teachers”. They in turn teach their students who aspire to become a qualified & professional building tradesperson.

BUCSC team works on delivering the essential skills via adapted TVET training programs that will be accredited by relevant Cambodian Ministries related to education and labour.

Our training program will be implemented in collaboration with TVET-Partners, in their campuses and practical workshops across Cambodia. Apprenticeship programs for graduates will be to practice their skills on construction sites of BUCSC giving-away home or any construction companies.  It will result in a nationally recognized qualification, and helps graduates to find better paid work and/or start later their own trade-business in Cambodia.   

Once graduated, BUCSC students will have three pathways: 1) looking for employment at local construction companies, 2) help those who are skilled enough and want to set-up their own trade-business with further business training in managing a business, 3) enrol the graduates into a social business to build affordable homes in Cambodia. By empowering people with the right skills and training, we can help those from disadvantaged areas take control of their lives and build a better future for themselves and their families. With opportunities for better paid work and nationally recognized qualifications, people will have more and better choices available to them and enjoy a decent standard of life.

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BUCSC give-away 20 homes per year to homeless families in villages and small towns

 “Solidarity Tourism” created and operated successfully by one of our board Directors members, Songthoul Fernandez and his friends and supporters, has successfully built and offered over 170 small timber houses to the poor in villages and small towns.

BUCSC, as legacy to these heartfelt actions, will continue to provide decent shelters to the needed ones (homeless, people who are evicted from their land), to families who struggle every day to provide decent shelter and food to their children and family

The construction of a Give-Away home costs US$ 5,000 with 2 bedrooms, bathroom and outdoor living and kitchen.
Our founder-chair Marisa OUM, a building designer by trade in Queensland (Australia) provides affordable homes designs based on the passive principles and the living habits of local villagers.

The value proposition:

The construction of “BUCSC Give-Away basic homes” will train and employ local skills from the villages and towns, but also provides practical leaning opportunities to our graduate- apprentices.

What do you get by volunteering and/or donating?   

With your donation or by volunteering, as a big thank you to your goodwill, you will get:

  • Your name as donor, sponsor or volunteer-builder will be on a celebration plaque on the house wall.
  • There will be a celebration to hand-out the keys to the owner/occupant in the presence their donors, sponsors and volunteers, once a year where you’ll be invited as guests or honour.
  • This celebration will be announced in our eNewsletters to all our friends and stakeholders.

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Care to donate a $5,000 Give-Away Home?                                                                                                                                       Click here >


Want to know more about CAH?    Click Here >

Many Cambodian workers are forced to leave their families and villages to look for better paid job outside their hometown. While unskilled workers in neighboured countries earn up to three times as much as in Cambodia, they often face harsh working conditions and mistreatment from employers. We aim to keep families together and support communities to become self-sufficient. And because most population in Cambodia is in a low-income class with over 70% earning less than $3 a day, they cannot afford to buy a decent house to accommodate their families. There is also a huge unsatisfied demand for affordable housing.

We have set-up a C.A.H. social enterprise that is working to help meet the massive shortage of affordable housing in Cambodia. We are setting-up a team in Cambodia to build homes across the provinces to create local employment and contribute to develop local micro economy.

CAH and BUCSC work together to make greater impact on social & economic levels and to be accountable we must achieve the following goals:

  • provide affordable housing and target low-income families
  • keep families together by creating local employment
  • help developing micro-economy in rural areas and provinces by creating employment
  • make our Building Cambodia social initiative model financially sustainable, to rely more on the effort of our work than on the donations we could receive from our generous supporters.


  • As corporate sponsor to provide building materials…
  • as partner with CAH in affordable homes construction in rural areas & provinces…



  • To teach and train young Cambodians to become builders & trades through BUCSC training programs
  • To help building give-away basic homes to the homeless people

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  • To support BUCSC training programs for a better et sustainable future, and
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