Chhorn Chunta’s Story

A wife and mother of three children (aged 3, 5 & 14) Chhorn works alongside her husband on a construction site “building houses for the rich”.

She is considered ‘unskilled labour’ and is tasked with cutting steel bars and carrying them around the construction site.

She has no access to sick leave, paid holiday leave, maternity leave or insurance. If she is injured onsite, the company is not likely to pay her medical bills.

Although she has worked on the site for two years, she earns $6.25 per day – the same rate as other female colleagues while her husband is paid $8 per day for similar work.

“That’s because I have no skills,” she explains, wiping sweat off her sunburned face. “I am only carrying steel bars. My husband is the one putting them on the ceiling.“

Starting each day at 4:30am, Chhorn works from 7:30am to 5:00pm on the construction site and prepares all three meals every day for her family.